Anthropoid [1 October] Earlier this year I read HHhH by Laurent Binet which tells the story of the plot to assassinate Heydrich, and I adored it so much (my review is over on the Book God blog here) I was keen to see the latest film version of this astonishing story. Very well done, I would recommend it to anyone interested in this aspect of WW2 history.

Blade Runner 2049 [8 October] This was such a good film. Having seen Arrival I knew Denis Villeneuve would do a good job but it was just what I hoped it would be, building on the original but not undermining it. Ryan Gosling most excellent, Harrison Ford as grizzled as he has ever been. Lucky enough to see it on an IMAX screen. A Film Club outing, all of us loving the experience and having lots to talk about afterwards. On the To Buy list.

Thor: Ragnarok [25 October] This is IMHO the very best Marvel movie. So much fun, brilliant new characters, good development of existing characters, excellent villainy from La Blanchett and Hiddles, Tessa Thompson is my new hero and it was a super cool evening out. I loved this so much and continue to be Team Thor. Also on the To Buy list. I might review this more full when I watch it again, let us see.

The Death of Stalin [5 November] Based on a graphic novel and (of course) the death of said dictator, this is the darkest of black comedy, giving a real taste of the paranoia and brutality of living under Stalin’s regime. Simon Russell Beale is genuinely frightening as Beria. Really worth watching.

Murder on the Orient Express [8 November] I went into this with high hopes. It’s one of my favourite Christie stories, I was hugely impressed by the 1974 version with Albert Finney, and I have a long-standing crush on Sir Kenneth Branagh.


I found it really disappointing. I wanted to love it but the changes, which I understand were designed to make the story a bit more palatable to modern audiences just didn’t work for me. I get that the Unfeasibly Large Moustache is probably more accurate in bookish terms than the neat little ‘tache a la Suchet, but the action man development of Poirot’s character left me cold. Sigh. If they make a sequel I will almost certainly go to see it, but with an air of melancholy.

Bridge of Spies [19 November] The Book God selected this as a Sunday night watch at home and I thought it was a very old-fashioned (in a good way) traditional drama. Hanks is excellent but Rylance is rightly the stand-out and deserved his Oscar. Most enjoyable.

And that’s it for 2017. Except it isn’t really, because I also saw Star Wars: the Last Jedi but don’t want to right about it until I’ve seen it a second time because there was just so much to take in. But all positive!