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The rest of my mini-reviews for April 🙂


Alien: Covenant

I had originally been determined not to watch this because of how disappointed I expected to feel after Prometheus (I still can’t get over the allegedly experienced biologist who took his helmet off and all that followed), but it was on TV and I succumbed. It was pompous and over-explained everything. Despite a good cast I really didn’t feel there was anything new here so I should have gone with my first instinct. Mr Fassbender’s career choices have been a bit flaky recently…..

A Cure for Wellness

This was a weird one and almost certainly far too long but I kind of enjoyed it. Dane DeHaan is sent to bring his errant boss back from a sanitarium in Europe but after a car crash finds himself a patient in said asylum, and then it all kicks off. There are creepy villagers who fall silent when anyone walks into the pub. There is a weird floaty girl wandering about barefoot. There are dark corridors and lots of tanks filled with water used for nefarious purposes. There is the legend of an evil Baron. There is Jason Isaacs as the head doctor with a cool accent and a big sign above his head with the word baddie flashing on and off. Evil Jason is the best Jason IMHO. It’s beautifully Gothic and fairly intense but not at all scary.

Avengers: Infinity War

I’m not going to say too much about this because reams have been written already. I loved it. It was amazingly well-balanced considering the number of major superhero types involved; the best bits for me involved interactions between characters who are not normally in the same movies, especially Thor and Peter Quill, and Iron Man and Doctor Strange. Also worth noting that everything in it is huge, and that it works because Thanos is a properly rounded character; his plan may be evil, but it is logically evil (from a  certain point of view). Shout out to bits of Edinburgh actually playing themselves rather than pretending to be Moscow or whatever. Can’t wait for the sequel.

All caught up now, and hoping to have a more stable posting pattern soon.

I didn’t get around to reviewing these movies properly but had Thoughts so felt the need to share 🙂

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Yes, I know this was actually released last year and I did see it at the time but felt that there was so much noise on the interwebs that I would keep my own counsel for a while. Since then I have seen it a further two times and on every viewing it just gets better. I love the new characters, especially Rose though I may also have a serious girl crush on Vice Admiral Holdo. The only quibble I really had on first viewing was the storyline involving Poe & Holdo, but I’ve come to the conclusion that he would definitely have behaved in the same way if Holdo had been a man so in establishing his character development from hothead to leader I think it worked well. Can’t wait for Episode 9!

Isle of Dogs

I have a mixed response to Wes Anderson (admittedly based on a small number of his films that I have seen), veering from absolutely adoring The Grand Budapest Hotel to loathing Fantastic Mister Fox with a passion. Pleased to say that Isle of Dogs is very much in the Grand Budapest tradition. This is such a good film, with a quirky stop-motion animation style and a story that has real heart to it and can be interpreted in a number of different ways, always the mark of a goodie as far as I’m concerned. The voice cast is brilliant and distinctive and there is so much going on visual that it begs to be seen more than once. Loved loved loved it.

Free Fire

I really didn’t get this film at all. I think I could see what director Ben Wheatley was trying to do with Free Fire, set in Boston in 1978 where a gun deal goes wrong, but I couldn’t connect with it at all. And it’s such a shame, because it is so well made, and has such a brilliant cast, and has an intriguing premise but I couldn’t engage with the humour. I just felt that there was something missing. But 10/10 for the accurate facial hair.

Gotham by Gaslight

Gaslight was one of the first Batman graphic novels I ever bought (what can I say, I was a very late adopter in the world of comics) so I was very interested to see what director Sam Liu (he of The Killing Joke which I talked about here) would make of the story. Annoyingly, there are some major changes in this adaptation which I don’t really understand, but all in all it was an enjoyable take on Jack the Ripper.