MV5BOTM2NTI3NTc3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzM1OTQyNTM@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_What’s it all about?

During an adventure into a dark criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the rebellion

So yes, it’s an origin story, and none the worse for that.

Why did I want to see it?

Good question. It’s a Star Wars story, so that’s good enough for me, and I really liked Alden Ehrenreich in Hail Caesar! and was interested to see what he would do with such a famous character.

What did I think of it?

I liked it. I know it’s had a bad press, what with a troubled production and a certain area of fandom muttering (well, shouting) about how their childhood was once again being sullied, and a view that Disney is milking the franchise for all that it’s worth, but I liked it. It was good fun, a caper movie in space, and had some nice jokes and references for those who cared (especially L3-37 and the Millennium Falcon).

In particular:

  • Alden Ehrenreich does a very good job I think, not trying to impersonate Harrison Ford but giving (me at any rate) the impression that with only minor squinting on the audience’s part you could see him growing into the adult Han
  • L3-37, as mentioned above, her relationship with Lando and her prickly personality; I am here for droids with attitude
  • Paul Bettany was an excellent villain, and is rapidly becoming one of my favourite actors (as you can see from my header)
  • Woody Harrelson & co – what a gang. Wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them.

Not so much:

  • Insufficient Thandie Newton; she is awesome and I would like to have seen more/better use of her
  • Insufficient Lando, because Lando, and his capes

But those are pretty small quibbles really, in what was an enjoyable adventure movie ideal for an afternoon at the cinema. Will happily watch again.

Dazzling details: watched in a recliner showing at our local multiplex, Solo is 135 minutes long, directed (eventually) by Ron Howard and rated 12A for moderate violence.